Wasp Treatment

If you have a wasp problem, we have the solution!

Wasps are usually found outside, where they can build a nest close to a food supply. Wasps feed off other insects and spiders, fruit trees and other plant nectar. Although wasps are an important part of the eco-system, when they are within proximity to buildings and homes they can become a serious problem.

A wasp is different from a bee, but can still produce a nasty and painful sting. Which is why it’s best to contact an expert pest control service who is experienced in wasp treatment and wasp control. If you find a nest or notice wasps in or around your Brisbane property, TNT Pest Management can help remove these pests with our expert service and quality guaranteed wasp treatment service.

Pest Control- Brisbane - Wasp treatment

Our Brisbane Wasp Treatment Includes:

At TNT Pest Management, we are trained in wasp treatment and the safe removal of nests. Wasps can become aggressive if their nest is disturbed, and so, you should never try to remove a wasp nest if you don’t have the correct training and safety equipment.

Our service is friendly, highly-experienced and skilled in the removal of wasps and their nests. Our wasp treatment is specifically designed to remove and prevent wasps from your home. We only use top-quality, Australian made sprays that are safe to you, your pets and your home.

If you notice a wasp nest around your home, you should get a wasp treatment as soon as possible. We can treat any level of infestation, but, if possible, it is best to remove them before the nest has time to become fully established and they begin to grow their colony.

We provide our professional wasp treatment for all types of residential and commercial properties in and around Brisbane.

Contact us today for a FREE Brisbane wasp treatment QUOTE. We offer a guarantee on all our pest control and exterminator services, as well as an affordable fixed price for regular preventative treatments.