Professional Brisbane Termite Exterminator

Many people are attracted to Brisbane because of the warm weather. Unfortunately, that same weather can also attract some unwanted termites. These destructive little creatures can cause a great deal of damage right under your nose, without you even being aware it’s happening! The best protection is an annual termite inspection and termite treatment spray.

Our professional termite exterminators use only the latest and safest treatment options and preventative measures. At TNT Pest Management, we are experienced, highly trained, licenced and fully insured professionals, that will have your termite problem under control in no time!

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Termite Protection Brisbane

You can protect your Brisbane property from termites our efficient and affordable termite prevention service. We will treat your property with our termite spray on a regular maintenance schedule in order to ensure no termites infest and damage your property. Protection is the surest and best way to make sure you never have to deal with a major termite problem.

Termite Treatment Brisbane

Termite treatment depends on the severity of the termite problem. If you see signs of a termite infestation at your Brisbane property, you should call in our expert exterminators as soon as possible. We can inspect the property, recommend and implement the best termite treatment plan for your situation.

Termite Inspection Brisbane

A professional termite inspection can save you much heartache as well as big damage costs. Termites like to hide in dark humid protected areas – such as wall cavities and skirting boards –  eating away at them from the inside. This ‘invisible’ destruction is what causes them to go unnoticed until the damage becomes severe. We offer a termite inspection service, where we can visit your Brisbane property to perform a thorough inspection for termites.

Your property value can be affected as much as 25% due to a termite infestation, as a colony of termites can consume up to 5g of wood per day! The ‘secret’ behind their destructiveness is their ability to stay hidden while they are causing the damage.

Contact us today to find, treat and prevent termites from entering your Brisbane home!