Spiders Treatment

If you’ve got a spider problem, we’ve got the solution!

Most of the spiders found inside or outside your house are relatively harmless. However, Brisbane does have many poisonous and even deadly spiders, such as the Funnel Web Spider, Redback Spider, Mouse Spider, Wolf Spider, Black House Spider, and the White-tailed Spider.

If you’re regularly finding spiders inside or outside your Brisbane home, you may have a serious spider problem. If you are unable to identify a spider as dangerous, it’s best to play it safe and call us to treat the problem. We have solution to eliminating spiders and their nests permanently.

Even if you don’t have a noticeable spider infestation, it is recommended that you get a regular maintenance spray to avoid any potential future problems. If you have recently moved into a new property, we can do a thorough check, in and around your Brisbane property, for any signs of spider problems and perform a maintenance spray in order to keep spiders away.

Pest Control- Brisbane - Spiders Treatment


Our Brisbane Spider Treatment Includes:

Our spider treatment service involves using a residual spray that has been specially formulated for the eradication of arachnids. We apply this spray to areas such as walls, paths, floors, balconies, over-hanging eaves and skirting boards, as needed in order to completely exterminate all of the spiders from your home.

Our expert pest control specialists are trained to identify spider species and deal with them safely and appropriately. With so many dangerous spiders within Brisbane, it is important to hire an expert pest control service. With our spider treatment you will get a friendly service, a quality result and most importantly, a spider free home!

TNT Pest Management provides our spider treatment to all types of residential and commercial properties in and around Brisbane. We will come out and treat any Brisbane property for any type of spider problem.

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