Silverfish Treatment

If you have a silverfish problem, we have the solution!

With Brisbane’s humid weather conditions comes silverfish. These pesky critters love damp and dark spaces, and so, the most common areas you’ll find silverfish are in bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and attics.

These pests are sometimes referred to as carpet sharks or fish moths. They are silver-blue in colour with microscopic scales. These characteristics along with their wiggling are why they are referred to as silverfish.

Regular vacuuming is one way to help eliminate silverfish and keep your Brisbane home from becoming a breeding ground. Other actions you can take to minimise silverfish are keeping the humidity levels down where possible and avoid leaving items such as books and magazines on the floor. Silverfish love hiding out in cracks and crevices, and are commonly attracted to moist dirty laundry.

At TNT Pest Management, we can help you stop silverfish before they become a problem! Our expert pest control service offers a silverfish treatment specifically designed to eliminate and prevent these tricky destructive bugs from your home.

Pest Control- Brisbane - Silverfish Treatment

Our Brisbane Silverfish Treatment Includes:

Although not harmful to humans, these little creatures feed off household items like books, photographs, wallpaper, cotton, paintings, plaster and items that contain starch or cellulose.
If you’re sick of silverfish destroying your beloved home items, then it’s time to call us in for a silverfish treatment. Plus, as we guarantee our silverfish treatment for at least 12 months, we will rid your home of silverfish and even prevent them from returning!

We understand that you don’t want to live with pests. At TNT Pest Management, we treat every pest problem with care and urgency. We make sure to treat the root of the problem, not just the visible signs of an infestation. Our Brisbane pest control service is friendly and offers quality guaranteed results, for a service you’ll come back to every time.

At TNT Pest Management, we off our silverfish treatment service to all types of residential and commercial properties in and around Brisbane. To get your home free of silverfish, you’’l find no better service than ours!

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