Rodent Control

If you’ve got a rodent problem, we’ve got the solution!

The most common rodent found in Brisbane are rats. A rat infestation in your Brisbane home or property can not only cause costly damage, it can be a serious health hazard.

If you have sighted one or more rats, rat droppings or any other sign of a rodent infestation in or around your Brisbane property, then it’s time to call in a pest control professional.

Even if you are hearing noises in your roof, Black Rats are agile climbers and can easily find their way into lofts and roof spaces. All of these signs need to be addressed immediately in order to minimise damage and avoid costly repairs.

At TNT Pest Management, our expert rodent control service is specifically designed to eradicate rodents from your property, as well as prevent them from returning!

Our Brisbane Rodent Control Includes:

If you have recently purchased a new home, we recommend giving our professional exterminators a call. We can set up rodent control bait traps within your roof cavity, in order to prevent any future rodent problems.

Rodent Control - Brisbane - Rodent Control Expert

For businesses involved in food preparation – such as restaurants, cafés take-away food shops, etc. – a rat problem poses serious health and safety risks. We provide rodent control and pest control for all types of commercial properties throughout all areas of Brisbane.

We treat rodents with rodent bait. We also have lockable boxes that can be placed inside or outside your property, as well as cupboard boxes that we can place in your roof void. The systems and strategies that we implement for your rodent control will be strategic to your specific situation, location and property type.

Not to worry, we take every step possible to ensure dealing with the rodents is our job, not yours.  Our boxes don’t trap the rodent, the rodent eats the bait and after 1-4 days they become dehydrated and leave your property looking for a water source. Which means they generally die elsewhere. Leaving your home rodent-free, with no hazardous aftereffects once we leave!

At TNT Pest Management, we take care to ensure a quality job is done, every time. We work hard to make sure when we’re done your home is completely rodent-free. Every step that we take with our Brisbane rodent control service is specifically designed to remove rodents form your home and prevent them from returning, but also keep you, your pets and your home safe from hazardous sprays and toxic dead rodents.

When you need a rodent control expert, you’ll find no one better than TNT Pest Management!

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