Our Warranty

We guarantee all of our Brisbane pest control services!

Even the tiniest of critters can cause major damage to your property, as well as be a significant health hazard. At TNT Pest Management we are highly-skilled in the extermination and prevention of all types of pests and rodents.

As pest control industry experts, we can rid your Brisbane property of all of its pests. Our services are suitable for all types of commercial and residential properties in and around the Brisbane area. We guarantee all of our services, giving you peace-of-mind in knowing that when were done the pests are gone!

Our Pest Control Warranty for Cockroaches, Silverfish and Spiders

For these common household pests, we offer a 12-month warranty. That means, not only will we rid your Brisbane property of these pests, we make sure they won’t return for a guaranteed year! Our cockroach, silverfish and spider treatment 12-month service warranty means that, after our initial pest control treatment, if those pests (for which we have treated) have returned, so will we.

We offer fixed prices for our annual treatments in order to make pest control and pest prevention for your Brisbane property as convenient and easy as possible for you.

Our Warranty - Brisbane - Our Warranty and Guarantee

Our Pest Control Warranty for Ants

These tiny, but annoying little insects can be tricky to get rid of. After our expert ant treatment service, we guarantee you’ll be rid of them for at least 6 months. Our 6-month warranty for our ant treatment service means that even after we’re gone, your Brisbane property will remain ant-free long after.

Where possible, we also always offer expert advice about simple solutions you can do to prevent problems with pests. So that, you can stay pest problem free for as long as possible.

We’re always close by when you need us. When you have a Brisbane pest problem, you’ll find no better service that TNT Pest Management. We care, even after we’re done.

At TNT Pest Management, we can assist you with expert pest control and exterminator services for all types of residential and commercial premises in Brisbane.

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