Flea Treatment

If you have a flea problem, we have the solution!

Anyone who has owned a cat or dog will most likely have experienced a flea problem at some point. As well as living on pets, fleas can often be found in carpet and upholstery. We recommend our professional flea treatment to all Brisbane property owners, in order to eradicate and treat fleas before they become a major problem.

We especially recommend our flea treatment pest control service to anyone who has recently moved into a new house, as previous owners may have had pets that have caused fleas to infiltrate the carpets. For real estate agents, we also provide an end-of-lease flea treatment spray service.

After our initial comprehensive spray, you’ll notice an immediate reduction of fleas. Unhatched eggs, however, are unaffected by the initial spray, so you will need to continue your flea treatment. You can expect to be completely rid of your flea problem within 6 weeks of our flea treatment service.

Pest Control - Brisbane - Flea Treatment

Our Brisbane Flea Treatment Includes:

At TNT Pest Management, all of our treatment sprays – including our flea treatment spray – are top-quality and 100% safe to you, your pets and your home. We make sure we eradicate your flea problem from your home without leaving behind any hazard to you or your pets health.

We guarantee all our pest control and exterminator services! Which means, once you call us you can consider your flea problem gone!

We’re extremely familiar with the Brisbane environment, being members of the community ourselves, and all of its common and not so common pests. No matter the type of pest problem, we’re equipped, skilled and experienced to deal with it correctly.

Having been in the pest control industry since 2006, TNT Pest Management is expertly qualified to provide the best flea treatment and pest control services to your home.

We are fully licenced and insured by professional providers to the pest control industry. TNT Pest Management’s expert Brisbane exterminators are prompt and professional, and we make sure every customer is 100% satisfied with our work.

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