Bed Bug Treatment

If you have a bed bug problem, we have the solution!

Bed bugs can have similar signs and symptoms as a flea infestation. If you’re not sure what type of pest problem you have, we offer pest control for both bed bug treatment and flea treatment, and so, can help you identify the issue and exterminate the problem accordingly.

Bed bugs are microscopic creatures that, as their name suggests, love to inhabit sleeping areas. These pesky bugs are nocturnal, which means they like to come out at night and, like mosquitoes, feast on human blood.

Signs that you may have bed bugs include: tiny blood spots on your bedding and/or an unpleasant sickly-sweet smell. Bed bug bites are usually found on arms, legs, hands, or neck, and can produce skin irritation, redness, or swelling.

It is extremely important to eradicate bed bugs at the first signs of an infestation. It is equally important to ensure you use a professional pest control and exterminator service. As bed bugs inhabit your mattress and sleeping areas, you need to ensure your pest control is handled by a company that uses only safe and harm-free sprays, like we do at TNT Pest Management.

Our Brisbane Bed Bug Treatment Includes:

At TNT Pest Management, our bed bug treatment uses only top-quality, safe treatment sprays that are safe to you, your pets and your home. Our expert Brisbane pest control service guarantees that with our bed bug treatment, you’ll rest easy knowing your mattress is completely bug-free!

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We can also implement a regular bed bug treatment program that will rid you of your bed bug infestation and prevent it from returning ever again.

If you manage a Brisbane commercial property – such as a motel, hotel, Bed & Breakfast or a holiday rental unit/house/apartment – the last thing you want to happen is a bed bug infestation! We understand your need to keep rooms clean and as comfortable for your guests as possible. Which is why, with our bed bug treatment, you can rest assured your beds will be bug-free as quickly as possible with a quality guaranteed pest control service that is friendly, efficient and affordable.

Sleep soundly with our expert bed bug treatment!

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