Ant Control Treatment

If you have an ant problem, we’ve got the solution!

Brisbane is home to many species of ants, all of which can be very annoying to come home to. Unless you’re experienced in identifying ant species, it can be difficult to tell one ant apart from another in order to treat the problem correctly and rid your home of its ant problem.

Prevention is a key aspect to ant control! All it takes is a call to us, and we will come out to your property and do a maintenance spray to prevent future ant problems. Thus, stopping your ant problem before it becomes a problem!

As local pest control specialists, we know where to look and what to look for when it comes to ants and carrying out effective ant control treatment.

If there is a visible sign of ants entering your home or you notice significant ant activity outside your home, then it’s time for a professional ant control treatment.

Our Brisbane Ant Control Treatment Includes:

Once we have carried out an ant treatment spray, you can expect a noticeable reduction of ants straight away. However, it can take up to 6 weeks to get rid of all of the ants and have your Brisbane home completely ant-free!

Pest Control - Brisbane - Ant Control Treatment

When our pest control technician is at your property they will point out any helpful action that can be done to help your pest problem from reoccurring. Simple actions, such as cutting back trees or bushes that are touching the property or blocking up entry points and removing rubbish, can all help in the long term.

Our ant control treatment will ensure all of the ant are exterminated from your home, and keep them from returning for an extended period of time. We’ll make sure your home is free of ants, all with a friendly team and an expert service.

You can  contact us 7-days a week, for a FREE no-obligation ant control treatment QUOTE. We service private homes, commercial properties, property managers and more, across the Brisbane area.